By Sangram Panda (Bureau Chief Odisha)

Mr. Ashish Thakare (D.M. – Keonjhar)
It is absolutely a pleasant revelation to learn how the Keonjhar district administration was able to collect fines worth Rs 76,27,100/- during COVID lockdown / shut down from the errant commuters not wearing masks on roads and spitting on public. 1272 vehicles were seized and 69 cases were registered for violating COVID-19 guidance by the end of the Sept 30, 2020.
When contacted the District Magistrate Mr. Ashish Thakare spoke about the figures and expressed thanks to the district police for working round the clock and also for sensitizing the importance of wearing mask as well not spitting in public which may lead to community transmission in Keonjhar district. Adding to this the collector informed that free masks were also distributed to the employees
Even the district magistrate distinctly shared the mammoth work done during the global pandemic COVID and not allowing community transmission in Keonjhar one of the most culturally diverse district of Odisha. As everyone knows Keonjhar is a mining district where a lot of people comes to pursue their livelihoods from Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand , Tamilnadu ,Gujrat and West Bengal.
Still the residents were affected the least. The rulebook of quarantine is strictly followed whoever he/she may be.
COVID -19 update as on 7.10.20

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This all is possible because due to the well in advance forecast by the state administration about the virulent spread pout. This alertness in sharing updates has ensured us not to get panicked but to work leaving no stone. On a personal note, I have suggested to all my people that this is indeed a tough time for the district and we pledge no to allow the turbulent virus to affect our innocent citizens. Hence we confirmed to all norms of social distancing and wear masks unfailingly with zero tolerance for violators. To this date the district administration has been ruthless in implementing of lockdown and unlock down norms
Commenting on the steps taken for the revival of the rural economy he said that, a millet mission is functioning we are paying Rs. 298 per worker in the MANREGA programme where as the state guidelines is Rs 207 per worker. The excess Rs. 91/- is paid from the DMF account. Today we have become an example for the entire state. Apart from this we are encouraging the SHG and the farmers to undertake different types of economically sustainability programmes. EDP and skill trainings are initiated. For me it is like enhancing the official work more close to our heart. We are having two number of COVID hospitals in the district and infra setup is ready to get active once we find the circumstantial posturing of COVID-19 impact negatively. The people of Keonjhar are sensible as a result of which we are having a marginal number of positive patients, toll rate is less and percent of recovered cases are high despite the diversification in population.
It was a bit challenging but encouraging to bolster the COVID warriors from doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, Asha workers and Anganwadi workers——–the DM said.