BJP Leader Manoj Goel Distributes Masks, Sanitizers & Face Shields in Delhi

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As the whole world grapples with the global pandemic of Covid-19, the Indian government has been taking several measures to prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus, such as shutting down of
schools and colleges, encouraging hand washing and social distancing and so on.

Along with the government, many individuals and social organizations are engaged in helping the poor and the weak by distributing masks, sanitizers, and other basic commodities.

BJP leader, Manoj Goel today distributed 5000 masks and 2500 sanitizers to the people in need including vegetable vendors, ice cream vendors, Rickshaws Pullers, and other people who were in need of them. Manoj Goel also distributed 3500 face shields in the Delhi area.
Lauding the efforts of the Central government and BJP workers in helping Migrants during the lockdown, Manoj Goel said “steps taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to control the pandemic have received global acclaim. Camps were set up by the governments, buses were arranged for the migrant workers to reach home safely.

People should continue with the mission of feeding the poor and fighting the challenges posed by the pandemic. The whole world is appreciating India’s holistic approach and timely proactive action.” Goel added “Dealing with the Pandemic is not less than fighting a war. One should practice social distancing, wear masks, wash your hands, and stay indoors as much as possible. The Uttar Pradesh government has made arrangements for buses and has created employment opportunities for the migrant workers.”

During the lockdown, BJP leader and former MP minister Rajendra Shukla had sought help from Sonu Sood on twitter to help migrant workers from his area who were stuck in Mumbai to help them to
reach their villages. Sonu Sood has won accolades for arranging transport for migrant workers who were unable to go back home amid the nationwide lockdown for coronavirus.

Along with Sonu Sood, many other Bollywood celebrities like Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rakul Preet, Varun Dhawan, etc have pleaded support and helped the migrant
workers in this pandemic.

The Supreme Court has praised people who played an important role in helping migrants and poor people by providing free meals, ration kits, and sanitizers.

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